Add Value to Your Buyers With These 5 Essential Touch Points

Now that you are ratified, have you wondered if are you providing enough VALUE to your buyer, positioning yourself as their real estate advisor for life?

Do you have a strategy to ensure the deal doesn’t fall apart?

When in doubt, here are 5 essential touch points you can use to stay on the path to settlement and earn those coveted referrals!

1. The Introductory Email

Consider this to be the most important information you send, especially for first-time homebuyers! Your intro email should outline transaction milestones and contingency due dates. You should also let them know what to expect in the days leading up to settlement.

Ask the buyers to advise you of upcoming travel or restrictions in their schedules that may affect their ability to be present at settlement. Remind them to finalize their lender selection and lock in their rate so the loan process can begin right away.

Add value by providing a list of preferred moving companies as well as links to reserve DC, Arlington, or Alexandria street parking (if applicable).

Lastly, don’t forget to attach a copy of the ratified contract and signed buyer documents!

2. Loan and Appraisal Check-Ins

It’s never safe to assume the lender and her team have received the contract and have ordered the appraisal – check in with them! Once the appraisal has been ordered, confirm that the listing agent has heard from the appraiser to schedule the inspection so you can avoid unnecessary contingency extensions.

1-2 days before the appraisal and /or financing contingencies expire, verify if the lender has seen the appraisal report and ask if the deal is on track to receive the conditional commitment letter on time.

3. Preparing for Settlement

This essential checklist will give the buyer confidence that all I’s are dotted and all T’s are crossed. Start by confirming the day, time, and location of the final walkthrough and settlement. Provide contact information for the utility companies the buyer will need to call to transfer service. Finally, make sure the buyer knows what he needs to bring to closing.

4. Wrap Up Final Details

Request any home inspection repair receipts from listing agent and confirm access for the final walkthrough. If you have not already received the settlement statement for review, request a copy so you can confirm commission amounts, credits, and reimbursements before you sit down at the closing table.

5. Prepare a Thoughtful Closing Gift

This is your chance to set the stage for glowing reviews and those coveted referrals. Need inspiration? Check out this list of The 33 Best & Worst Real Estate Closing Gifts for 2021.

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